Strip Away Gel

STRIP AWAY GEL is a viscous, gel-like liquid, which incorporates high boiling point polar solvents, designed to break down and soften multiple layers of paint in a single application. The formulation contains a water based blend of low VOC solvents, for use in environments where the presence of strong solvent odours and harmful chemicals is restricted. This product has a proven record in tackling materials such as marine coatings, plastic substrates, locations where adequate ventilation is limited and the presence of hazardous chemicals is forbidden. Strip Away Gel can also be used on most domestic household paints including alkyds, polyurethanes, emulsions, varnishes and lacquers. Revealing ideal surfaces on hardwoods, brickwork, ceramic tiles, cast iron mouldings and structural metalwork including aluminium and galvanised steel.

  • Safe to use
  • Water washable safe stripper
  • Will not damage sensitive substrates
  • Evenly applied for desired finish
  • Numerous receiving surfaces
 CodeSizeDescriptionQty / caseBar code
30-56 500ml Strip Away Gel65014205005918

Technical Datasheet

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Material Datasheet

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