LANGLOW Strip Away Neutraliser

Technical Datasheet

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Material Datasheet

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A mild acetic acid solution applied to neutralise the residual alkaline salts which remain after STRIP AWAY caustic paste has been applied , especially on porous surfaces. Litmus paper is supplied to test the neutralised surface and the colour chart will indicate what the PH has become after neutralisation. Heavily treated and porous surfaces may require several repeat applications of neutraliser until the test paper turns from a deep blue to a more neutral pale green shade which indicates the surface is safe to receive a fresh application of paint. [NB. Where neutralisation fails to reduce the absorbed alaklinity to acceptable levels, the aplication of a alkali resistant primer is recommended prior to re-coating]

Conforms to :

  • Mild organic acid solution
  • Helps prepare surfaces for re-coating
  • Reduces post-treatment efflorescence
  • Supplied with PH indicator papers
  • Ensures a stable surface appearance remains after coatings removal is complete.
Size range: Qty / case Code: Bar code
1 litre 12 4709900 501420500588

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