Mineralised Methylated Spirits

Technical Datasheet

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Material Datasheet

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Purple coloured denatured ethanol having excellent all-round solvency and water miscibility giving it rapid evaporative properties for use in fast-drying, no trace cleaning applications, making it ideal for cleaning smooth hard surfaces such as glass, ceramics and plastics. Can also be used as fuel for fondue burners.
Conforms to :

  • Flash point = 12’C
  • Specific gravity = 0.81 g/ml
  • Miscible with oil and water solutions
  • Quick Drying


Size range: Code: Qty / case Bar code
500ml 0303300 12 5011338030336
2 litre 0301700 6 5011338030039
5 litre 0301900 4 5011338030190
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