Multi-Prime – Surface Preparation Aid

MULTI-PRIME is a styrene butadiene co-polymer emulsion for use as a primer and sealer to improve the receptiveness of a receiving substrate by either priming, stabilising or sealing prior to the application of a Palace Self-Levelling compound. MULTI-PRIME increases the adhesion and prolongs the flowable working time of a leveller, whilst also improving initial coverage and reducing the occurrence of pin-holes. It can be used on both porous and non-porous surfaces, internally and externally and will assist with optimising adhesion strength and the long-term durability of the bond to the surface substrate. MULTI-PRIME applied over a pre-existing Calcium Sulphate (Gypsum / Anhydrite) floor screed gives a barrier at the cement to gypsum bond interface which prevents any subsequent adverse reaction between the two chemically different compounds. MULTI-PRIME can used as a water-proof bonding agent when mixed as a slurry with neat cement and can readily be incorporated into sand cement repair mortars, giving a water reducing & plasticising effect, improving compressive strength and adhesion of the mortar to the existing base masonry.

  • Multi-Purpose primer, sealer & bonding agent.
  • Reduces porosity & suction from a porous surface
  • Forms a barrier for over-laying anhydrite screeds with a cement-based leveller
  • Can be used to repair cracks, depressions & defects in damaged floors
  • Improves flow time and reduces pin-holing in floor levelling treatments.
  • Mixes with neat cement to give a reliable bond to highly impermeable surfaces.
CodeSizeDescriptionQty / caseBar code
70-625 LitreMulti-Prime45014205008827

Technical Datasheet

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