White Spirit

WHITE SPIRIT is a clear, high quality refined solvent fraction incorporating an 18%v/v aromatic content. The purity of this solvent makes it perfectly compatible as a thinner for most oil-based paints and it has excellent cleaning properties for removing paint splashes from fabrics, hard surfaces and tools.

Conforms to: BS 245

  • Flash point = 39°C
  • Specific gravity = 0.78 g/ml
  • Miscible only with oils.
  • Grease & oil stain remover
Size range:Code:Qty / caseBar code
1 litre0010780125014205006397
5 litre001088045014205006403
1 US Gallon001468065014205006410
5 US Gallon160478115014205006427
25 litre002230015014205006434
200 litre001267015014205006441

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Material Datasheet

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