DAMPSHIELD is a cementitious blend which readily mixes with water to form a pourable, brush applied tanking slurry. It has been widely used to provide a permanent barrier against penetrating damp in many applications both above and below DPC level such as cellars; retaining walls; lift shafts; swimming pools; vaults; tunnels and has also been used to line water tanks and irrigation channels.

Conforms to :
  • Mixes only with water
  • 25kg covers up to 8 sq. metres
  • Resists hydrostatic water pressure
  • Bonds to clean brick & masonry
  • Used internally & externally
Size range: Code: Colour: Qty / case Bar code
25kg 20-3 white 1 5014205004034
25kg 20-2 grey 1 5014205004027

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