Sugar Soap Wipes

SUGAR SOAP WIPES are supplied in a convenient re-sealable tube containing 80 individual wipes and provide the conscientious painter & decorator with a multi-purpose one-stop cleaning tool. Highly effective on hands, work-tools, UPVC, upholstery, & carpets as it is on old painted surfaces which need cleaning prior to re-coating. SUGAR SOAP WIPES are impregnated with highly effective soaps, surface active agents & sequestering aids, which remain within the absorbent fabric until they are applied onto any surface, part or component which may be coated with some of the most stubborn grime, grease or oil. This product have been developed to replicate the established & effective properties of our SUGAR SOAP cleaning solution, which normally requires dilution on site, however with this wipe they are ready to use as soon as they are drawn out of the tube.

  • Ideal preparation aid for the conscientious decorator
  • Ensures existing painted surfaces are ready to re-coat
  • Will remove accumulated oil, grease & nicotine stains
  • Equally effective as a general purpose hard surface cleaner
  • An essential aid in any painting & decorating project
CodeSizeDescriptionQty / caseBar code
 80 WipesSugar Soap Wipes125014205008117

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