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Trust Laticrete

LATICRETE International, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of tile and stone installation systems. The company was founded in 1956 by Dr. Henry M. Rothberg and Lillian R. Rothberg. With a tile fixing background and a chemical engineering degree, Dr. Rothberg was determined to bring improvements to centuries old Portland cement based tile and stone installation products. Dr Rothberg’s work in this area is the basis for all modern tile and stone adhesives. Throughout its existence, LATICRETE has enjoyed the freedom of action and dedication to purpose brought by being a privately owned enterprise. Being able to ignore the short term, often unrealistic, demands of the stock markets or equity speculators, allows us to provide industry leading levels of product innovation, customer support, and manufacturing capabilities, we continue to build long term value despite fluctuations in construction activity and evolving market needs. The commitment of our owners to provide robust client service is unwavering and reflected throughout our organisation, in addition to developing products which support GREEN efforts. LATICRETE offers a wide array of certified low VOC (volatile organic compounds) installation materials, independently tested and certified by GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, contributing to LEED certification: With approximately 850 associates worldwide, LATICRETE operates 7 plants in the United States, as well as facilities in UAE, China, India, Singapore, Australia, Norway, Italy, South America and the UNITED KINGDOM to name but a few. LATICRETE offers resource tools to help design and specification professionals save time when specifying tile and stone installation systems.
  • First, the web based-based LATICRETE Architectural Guidebook empowers design and specification professionals to create custom specifications based on industry standards for over 100 types of installations with just a few clicks of the mouse
  • Second, LATICRETE offers BIM-Compliant, Revit format details and objects which provide visual, specification and material references for design and construction teams. You can now generate specifications even faster, and with greater clarity and ease. Our integrated 2D and 3D model-based details allow you to quickly and easily reference, manipulate, and visualise detail components electronically, and in automated format
The LEED-ER In GREEN CERTIFIED PRODUCTS, CONTRIBUTING TO LEED PROJECTS LATICRETE provides tile and stone installation materials certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI). Based on criteria used by the US Green Building Council’s LEED-CI program, the GREENGUARD certification provides you the proof and assurance that the specified LATICRETE Systems meet appropriate indoor air quality standards for VOCs including formaldehyde. Trust LATICRETE to provide a solution for your demanding project requirements. Trust LATICRETE to help you FAST-TRACK your project. Trust LATICRETE to offer the BEST warranties in the Industry. TRUST LATICRETE