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Don’t Get Wet!

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Don’t Get Wet!

Changes to the British Standards back in 2018 regarding the requirement to use a proprietary tanking system in wet areas has certainly lowered the volume of issues with leaking floors & ceilings. But does everyone know the standard guideline for waterproofing…….?

Any area that is subjected to getting wet (shower, steam room, wet rooms etc) should be tanked – whether it be a new build or refurbishment of an existing area.
A big focus in this application is to ensure the tanking system used is strong enough to hold the weight of the tiles & adhesive.

Palace Chemicals have two tanking systems available on their range (Palace Shower-Tight & Palace Wet-Room) to suit a wide field of applications. If you are looking to tank an over bath showers for instance, the Palace Shower-Tight is perfect. Whereas, if you are doing a full wetroom installation, then the Palace Wet-Room is the required product. Both kits have the benefit of corner / jointing tape, with the Wet-Room kit having the additional pipe seals and a larger tub of liquid membrane for the bigger projects.

At the very least, a good tanking system provides a visible insurance policy; One that you won’t get with a premium that goes up every year. Certainly not one that you would need to claim against – Because it won’t go wrong (when installed correctly of course)!