Creo-Coat oil-based timber protector

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A refined blend of non-drying blend of heavy hydrocarbon and naphthenic oils, which readily penetrate into rough sawn timbers providing a water repellent protective finish, enhancing the natural grain structure of the timber face and improving it’s resistance to the damaging effects of weathering.

Oil based water repellent

Deep penetrating grain enhancement


Distinctive odour

 Code  Size  Description  Qty / case  Bar code
 1 litre  Creo-Coat (Dark)  12
 1 US Gallon  Creo-Coat (Dark)  6
 5 litre  Creo-Coat (Dark)  5
 5 US Gallon  Creo-Coat (Dark)  1
 200 litre  Creo-Coat (Dark)  1

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