PALACE Woodworking Adhesive D3

Technical Datasheet

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Material Datasheet

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PALABOND WATERPROOF WOODWORKING ADHESIVE is a a high viscosity, high-solids water-resistant and creep-resistant adhesive and can be applied to a wide range of building materials in applications where some intermittent contact with moisture is likely. It conforms to BS EN 204 – D3, and finds applications in a wide range of situations including joinery, window frames, furniture, wood-laminate flooring and many typical applications where bonding wood joints for all varieties of timber, both soft and hardwood is required.

Conforms to :

  • High bond strength
  • Conforms to BS 4071 & EN 204 D3
  • Recommended for structural joinery
  • Bonds porous materials to non-porous surfaces
  • Available in easy to apply squeezy bottles
Size range: Code: Qty / case Bar code
5 litre 2-2 1 5014205001200
1 litre 2-4 12 5014205001557
500ml 2-6 18 5014205001569
250ml 2-7 24 501420500576
125ml 2-8 36 5014205001583

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