PALACE Thick-Bed Floor Levelling Compound

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FLOOR LEVELLER PLUS is a polymer-modified, fibre reinforced cement-based, protein-free, sub-floor smoothing underlayment, giving a consistently level screed up to 50mm thick. FLOOR LEVELLER PLUS gives ideal properties for application over a comprehensive range of floor surfaces such as tamped or worn concrete and sand/cement floor screeds as well as the more challenging non-porous floors such as mastic asphalt, plywood and dense impermeable surfaces. It is particularly suited to heated sub-floors where its’ thick-bed is usually sufficient to accommodate most types of wire-based heating systems.
Conforms to : EN 13813: C30;F7
  • Can be laid up to 5Omm depth
  • Contains built in polymer
  • Fibre reinforced
  • Can be laid on ply-wood overlay
  • Suitable for heated sub-floors
Size range: Code: Qty / case Bar code
20 kg 70-37 1 5014205004454

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