PALACE Palaflex Admixture

Technical Datasheet

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Material Datasheet

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PALAFLEX is an adhesion enhancing admixture for addition to C1 type cement based adhesives and CG1 grouts. It’s use will improve the movement tolerance, flexural strength, water resistance and durability of an adhesive or grout hardened mortar. Mixing with PALAFLEX makes adhesives & grouts more suitable for fixing in locations where slight surface movement or vibration is likely.

Conforms to :

  • Improves C1 adhesives to C2 standard
  • Improves bonds to impermeable materials
  • Improves water resistance & durability
  • Improves flexural strength
  • Works as a straight water replacement
Size range: Code: Qty / case Bar code
5LT 80-24 4 5014205004300

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