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PALACE Fast-Track Floor Levelling Compound

Technical Datasheet

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Material Datasheet

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Declaration Of Performance

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FAST TRACK FLOOR LEVELLER is a fast-setting, polymer fortified, floor levelling & smoothing compound which gives outstanding high early strength using specially formulated rapid drying binders, free from Portland cement to maximise early hydration & rapid strength development. It is readily flowable across all surface types, including WBP plywood and floors fitted with sub-surface heating elements and can be finished off to an ultra smooth underlayment surface, ideal for use circumstances where rapid access soon after laying is essential. It sets after 30 minutes and will be ready to receive tile fixing after 45 to 60 minutes. Impervious “soft” floor coverings such as vinyl & linoleum can be laid on this surface after 90 minutes.

Complies with EN 13813 CT: C35; F7

  • Very high early strength
  • Walk on after 30 minutes
  • Tile on after 45 minutes
  • Suitable for use with under floor heating
  • Ideal for small area levelling
  • Minimises delays for following trades

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