LANGLOW Strip Away Gel

Technical Datasheet

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Material Datasheet

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A water-based emulsified blend of low VOC solvents for use in environments where the presence of strong solvent odours and harmful chemicals is restricted. It is a gel-like liquid to break down and soften coatings in a single application. The paint softening action will initially blister the paint and then may require 2 or 3 repeat applications to soften & lift all the layers on a multi-coated painted surface. The low volatility ensures it remains in contact with the painted surface for as many hours as it takes to soften the coating, which can then be easily scraped away using a sharp edge to remove all softened & blistered paint stripping residues revealing the original clean & un-tainted surface.

Conforms to :

  • Brush, spray or trowel applied
  • Lifts up 30 layers in one application
  • Ideal for ornate plaster mouldings
  • Effective of stone, concrete & ornate ironwork
  • Corrosive paste may cause burns to skin
Size range: Qty / case Code: Bar code
15kg 1 0707700 5014205005192
3kg 4 0706800 5014205005345
1 sq. metre as req’d 4709900 Strip Away Blankets

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