LANGLOW Patent Knotting Solution

Technical Datasheet

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Material Datasheet

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LANGLOW PATENT KNOTTING SOLUTION is an alcohol based resin solution for use on all types of soft timbers to seal in the substrate’s natural wood oils and resins and prevent them rising through any subsequently applied painted coating and staining or distorting the colour and consistency of the final finish. The film-forming resins in knotting solution are unaffected by natural tree sap as well as being insoluble in hydrocarbon solvents such as white spirit, which are normally used in traditional alkyd based primers and decorative coatings. Available in brown or white

Conforms to :
  • Quick drying solution
  • Dries to a pale translucent film
  • Seals in natural wood sap & resin
  • Film is insoluble with oil-based paints
  • Prevents knot sap bleeding through
Size range: Code: Colour: Qty / case Bar code
500ml 17032 Brown 6 5011338170322
2litre 17017 Brown 6 5011338170070
250ML 16902 White 12

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