Langlow Aqueous Wood Preserver

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LANGLOW AQUEOUS WOOD PRESERVER is an HSE approved, micro-emulsion based dual active fungicide Insecticide, designed for the prevention and eradication of wood rotting fungi and wood destroying insects by incorporating a combination of low toxicity fungicides, Polyphase and Propiconazole as well as the contact insecticide Permethrin. It is available in a range of traditional light-fast colours for enhancing appearance in both interior and exterior applications and  does not present any flammability or residual odours risks during & after treatment.

  • This product is approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986, for use as directed under label instructions carrying HSE No. 8076.


  • Non-Flammable low odour formula
  • Available in Clear & 4 other colours
  • HSE approved dual active fungicide insecticide
  • Effective against dry rot, blue stain & woodworm
  • Dries to a matt over-paintable finish
Size range: Code: Qty / case Bar code
1 litre 10
5 litre 4
25 litre 1