Pure Gum Turpentine Oil

The original naturally derived Turpentine oil extracted from the distillation of pine tree resins and carrying a distinctive pine odour. Demonstrates unique solvency and drying characteristics which are ideal for artists oil colours and fine oil paints. Also used for pine fragrance effects in hard surface cleaners and household products.
  • Flash point = 36°C
  • Specific gravity = 0.86 g/ml
  • Miscible with natural & petroleum oils
  • Unique fragrance properties
Size range:Code:Colour:Qty / caseBar code
5 litre020190045011338020092
25 litre020230015014205005772
200 litre02070015014205005789
200 litre0212600BP Rectified15014205005796

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Material Datasheet

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