PALACE Timber-Treat Ecology Paste

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A full-bodied mineral oil emulsified paste incorporating the anti-fungal active ingredient Polyphase and the insecticide Permethrin. It?s deep penetrative properties make it ideal for large cross-section timbers (> 4? diameter) or in areas where access to embedded timbers, such as those held within wall plates, is impossible. The paste is useful when treating overhead beams as it will not drip and is all absorbed into the timber surface, leaving a waxy skin, which prevents any further moisture ingress.

Conforms to :
  • Dual Active fungicide insecticide
  • Non-drip paste for overhead timbers
  • Protects exposed end grain
  • Leaves a water repellent finish
  • HSE N0. 7110
Size range: Code: Qty / case Bar code
10 litre 17-1 1 5014205005710

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