PALACE Fungicide Insecticide

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FUNGICIDE INSECTICIDE [also referred to as Langlow Universal Wood Preserver] is an HSE approved, clear spirit based solution of the anti-fungal active ingredients Propiconazole and IPBC Polyphase, along with the insecticide Permethrin. The carrier solvent enables this active to achieve deep penetration into timber, allowing it to remain stable, effective and give long-term anti-fungal & pesticidal protection against dry rot & blue stain and also wood boring insects. Available in 25 litre & 200 litre steel containers.

Conforms to :
  • Dual Active fungicide insecticide
  • Deep penetrating spirit based formula
  • Effective against dry rot & blue stain
  • Eradicates wood boring insects
  • HSE No. 8072
Size range: Code: Qty / case Bar code
25 litre 17-3 1 5014205005680

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