PALACE Aqueous DPC Injection Fluid Concentrate

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A water based-based concentrate of potassium methyl siliconate, which when diluted in a 1 to 6 ratio with water gives an odourless, non flammable injection fluid suitable for low pressure injection into brickwork, masonry walls and mortar joints to form a water repellent barrier, protecting against damaging effects of rising damp and preventing the capillary up-take of moisture.

Conforms to : BS 6576:1985
  • Non flammable concentrate
  • 25 litres yields 175 litres RTU
  • For use in accordance with BS 6576:1985
  • Penetrates using low pressure injection
  • Eliminates risk of lingering odour
Size range: Code: Qty / case Bar code
3.6 litre 18-6a 4 5014205005673

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