The New Tadworth Leisure & Community Centre Uses Laticrete

The new Tadworth Leisure & Community Centre which replaces Banstead Leisure Centre, receives the full LATICRETE ® System Solution.


Banstead Leisure Centre currently offers a fantastic selection of facilities and activities for everyone. This popular centre is located in Tadworth, very close to the beautiful Epsom Downs. The centre’s facilities include a 43 station gym, two exercise studios, 25m swimming pool, and 13m training pool, health-suite, three squash courts and a cafeteria.

However a new state of the art facility, designed to replace Banstead Leisure has been built a stones-throw away from the existing site and is to be renamed Tadworth Leisure & Community Centre, due to open late summer 2015.

The new Tadworth Leisure & Community Centre facilities include a six lane, 25 metre swimming pool ranging from 0.9 metres to 2 metres deep, a learner pool (13×7 metres) ranging from 0.7 metres to 0.9 metres deep, a 60 station gym and exercise studio, a four court sports hall and outdoor 5-a-side pitches. Also within the new centre you will find a community room, cafeteria and crèche.


The swimming pools have been tiled by Profix Tiling Ltd, using the full LATICRETE® system solution, receiving the exclusive LATICRETE® System Warranty. LATICRETE® Hydroban was applied to the walls and floor, the tiles were fixed using LATICRETE® 254 Platinum adhesive and grouted with LATICRETE® Spectralock Pro Premium Grout.


LATICRETE® Hydroban is a one component, self-curing, liquid rubber polymer membrane. It is applied as a thin coating which provides complete waterproofing and acheter viagra en ligne acts as a crack isolation membrane. LATICRETE® Hydroban is rapid drying and can be flood tested after 2 hours at 21° C allowing for rapid tile installation. When cured, LATICRETE® Hydroban forms a load bearing, flexible, seamless barrier which offers complete protection to the swimming pool construction.


LATICRETE® 254 Platinum is a premium, polymer modified adhesive and was chosen for its’ outstanding high performance. It is the ultimate thin set adhesive providing exceptional bond strengths and easy workability, making it the ideal choice for use in swimming pools.


LATICRETE® Spectralock Pro Premium Grout is a unique, patented, high performance epoxy grout, it offers excellent uniform colour stability and durability with complete stain protection. The performance you would expect from a high quality epoxy grout, however it was chosen by the contractor for its ease of application. Quote: “I will never go back to using any other epoxy grout, LATICRETE® Spectralock Pro Premium is so easy to mix and apply and you do not encounter any issues with epoxy residue on the tiles after the final wash off, which I cannot say is the same for ‘other’ epoxy grouts on the market”